Transportation Challenges for the Elderly


The older people get, the harder it is to get around. Even though there are various transport services available for the elderly to use, some health conditions still make it difficult for them to travel. Here are some of the most common challenges for the elderly when they travel as well as tips to help them.

  • Vision Impairment

    The most common vision impairments experienced by the elderly are cataracts, presbyopia, or glaucoma. When helping transport the elderly to and from assisted living or doctor’s appointments, always ask them if they need assistance and if they’re using a cane, make sure to stay on the opposite side of the cane and stay ½ of a pace ahead of them as you lead them to the vehicle.

  • Balance Issues

    If you take a look at the elderly under support care for chronic illnesses or those with other muscular diseases, you’ll likely see balance issues from loss of muscle strength. Don’t rush them while getting in or out of the vehicle and allow them to adjust and shift the position of their body.

  • Cognitive Health Issues

    Cognitive health issues such as dementia contribute to a loss of cognitive functions which can lead to mobility issues. In cases like these, services offering medical transportation in Florida can help the elderly travel to and from appointments together with their experienced staff. However, should your family like to help, make sure to be aware of the needs of your loved one. Don’t be too overbearing and still give them their independence.

Nowadays, NEMT Services in Port St. Lucie, Florida, or other areas now offer transportation services to help the elderly move around. If you’re looking for someone you can trust, we at TOTAL TLC TRANSPORT LLC can help you.

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