Comprehending the Various Delivery Models of NEMT


Among the important factors to consider when accessing health care services that can eventually affect health outcomes is transportation like the medical transportation in Florida. Several individuals experience obstacles to transportation like lacking the opportunity to have access to a vehicle or obtain a driver’s license, being unable to afford the expenses of transportation, as well as having a hard time finding rides to medical appointments. In order to facilitate access to the different healthcare services, state Medicaid programs are obliged to offer the needed transport back and forth between healthcare providers as a form of Medicaid benefit, that’s called nonemergency medical transportation (NEMT). Read on to know the various NEMT models of delivery.

  • In-House
    It’s possible to administer NEMT benefits at state, regional, or county levels by the State Medicaid agencies. Those States that make use of this particular model normally have an arrangement for a fee-for-service basis with various NEMT providers. NEMT services in Minnesota are offered as one-way or round trips and can be provided by private vehicles (personal mileage), bus, volunteer drivers, taxi cab, etc. This is a good option for those individuals living in residential communities.
  • Managed Care
    These care models are created in order to control the expenses, utilization as well as the quality of health care. State Medicaid agencies can contract with different managed care organizations (MCOs) in order to find enhancement for a certain population of Medicaid beneficiaries like those who have chronic as well as complex conditions while controlling the expenses of care. Most of the Medicaid beneficiaries in Iowa avail of NEMT services handled by the managed care program of the state. Residents of assisted living facilities may opt for this particular model.
  • Broker
    The most typical delivery model for NEMT benefits is the brokerage model. Studies have revealed that this model of providing transport services can be cost-effective for some states by making sure that Medicaid only provides payment for qualified and right rides, which can prevent fraud and abuse. The brokerage model may come in various forms. The third-party brokers can be private or nonprofit institutions. Among the states that use this model is Kentucky.
  • Mixed
    Some states can use more than one of the abovementioned models to offer NEMT. NEMT services are provided via managed care as well as fee-for-service models in Missouri.

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