Transporting Seniors to Medical Appointments


As a family caregiver, you may feel transporting your elderly loved one to medical appointments is a crucial part. It’s necessary to take some considerations when hiring transport services to ensure that your senior family member’s experience is safe and comfortable. At Total TLC Transport LLC, we think these tips can help you:

  • Ensure safety
    Ensure that your loved one is safe and comfortable during transportation. Confirm that the transport has safety features such as seatbelts and airbags. Also, consider any mobility aids the senior may need are securely fastened in the vehicle.

    We can give you peace of mind through our medical transportation in Florida. We guarantee that our vehicles are safe, secure, and well-maintained. We also have the necessary equipment to enhance support for your loved one.
  • Bring necessary items
    Bring any necessary items, such as a water bottle or snack, to ensure the senior is comfortable during the journey. If your family member also needs to bring items for the medical appointment, you want to keep that as a top priority.

    With us, you can feel confident that we are equipped and ready for secure transport. We provide stretcher transports and ensure comfortable seating and convenient wheelchair accessibility.
  • Allow extra time
    Seniors may need extra time to get ready and get in and out of the vehicle. Allow enough time to ensure that the senior is comfortable and not rushed. You can be confident that everything will go smoothly and patiently with the help of our NEMT services in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

If you need NEMT services, we are always willing to help. We provide NEMT services to assisted living facilities, hospitals, nursing facilities, residential communities, and more.

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