Supporting Seniors with Their Transportation Needs


Elderly people, the same as everyone else, need to get around for errands or scheduled health checks. They also have a daily routine they must follow to get from one place to another. TOTAL TLC TRANSPORT LLC provides NEMT Services in Port St. Lucie, Florida, to help make seniors’ life easier each day.

Seniors may need to visit the health clinic for a checkup. Some older people may find it difficult to do these things due to issues such as vision, hearing, or mobility. Luckily, we keep our Medical Transportation in Florida accessible.

We offer Transport Services specialized to the requirements of the elderly that can assist them in other parts of their lives, and the most essential thing to highlight is that NEMT can now assist seniors in living independently.

Seniors who require frequent checkups or visits to their doctor may easily go to their doctor utilizing the services provided by our non-emergency medical transportation. Since a lot of seniors may find it challenging to travel in local transit, such as taxis and buses, we are here. We also offer Assisted Living services.

Our NEMT Support Care employs workers that help the elderly and collect the necessary information before transporting them to their destination safely and as comfortably as possible.

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