Warning Signs Your Loved One Needs NEMT Service


After nearly a lifetime of independence, it can be difficult for our elderly loved ones to admit that they need help. This may include receiving assistance through transport services. By knowing the signs to look out for, you can arrange the necessary care to ensure safety.

As a trusted provider of NEMT Services in Port St. Lucie, Florida, we will discuss the warning signs that indicate a need for non-emergency medical transportation:

  • Getting lost in familiar places.

    Occasional, brief lapses in memory are normal. However, frequent forgetfulness and increasing confusion may be a symptom of a serious disease like Alzheimer’s. When this occurs, it may be time to consider care options like assisted living and to arrange transportation services to protect your loved one’s safety.

  • Difficulty reading road signs and signals.

    As we age, our senses tend to weaken. Vision loss can make it difficult to read road signs and signals. This puts your loved one’s safety at risk on the road. It may be time to schedule an eye examination to determine the cause. If your loved one is unfit to drive, there is always the option of arranging NEMT services.

  • Increasing dents and scarps on the vehicle.

    Increasing dents on your loved one’s vehicle is an indication that they are not driving as well as they used to. The same also applies to fences, curbs, and garage doors. It is possible they may have balance problems, and their reflexes may have slowed down.

TOTAL TLC TRANSPORT LLC is a leading provider of safe and reliable medical transportation in Florida. We offer transportation services to ensure safety, promote independence, and increase access to healthcare services.

Set an appointment with us to discuss your transportation needs.

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